Chef Channon at Sur La Table

It was wonderful to see Channon again. She continues to inspire me, educate me, and make me laugh.  Her class at Sur La Table went beautifully, and in just a few weeks she’ll be off to Turkey. Color me jealous!

Above: Channon whipping up some muhallebi, a rice-based pudding. This recipe, and the others in her book, were redacted from Ottoman Turkish recipes previously lost to us.  And, they’re yummy. Below: Me, flipping the katlama boregi, a feta and walnut savory pastry.  I have to say that I share the feelings of most other female chefs I’ve met: Chefs jackets for women are awful. They make you look lumpy and poufy no matter how svelt you are!

Channon and I were hosted by Ms. Kauffman, a reknown chef and cookbook author. Hopefully, I’ll have some of her cookbooks reviewed here, and a link to her website, soon. The three of us spent the day preparing for this class, and were helped out in the evening by another of my favorite chefs (and a wonderful friend), Elaine Koogler. She, incidentally, is to thank for these pictures, which we really appreciate.

Sur La Table has a beautiful professional kitchen, and our helper Whitney was fantastic. I am looking forward to teaching there myself soon!

Check out Channon’s website, which includes all kinds of fun stuff from videos on food preparation to her NPR interviews!


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