Food, Flickr, and News

So much is going on it’s difficult to find time to blog about it all.  First, let’s get Flickr out of the way.  If you’re going through the archives and notice a bunch of broken picture links, it’s because my Flickr pro account expired while I was away and without internet access (I don’t think my grandparents, whom I was visiting, will ever get access, unfortunately).  It deleted pretty much everything important, it seems. I didn’t get forewarning, as they only give you about a week’s notice, it seems. ERGH!  I’ll get the photos back up,  but it’s going to be a while. If there’s something you just have to see, email me and let me know.

Next, the news. I am launching new Personal Chef packages and plan in September, which is why the “Sample Menu” and “Services” pages are down right now. There are going to be some really exciting new services to fit everyone’s budget and lifestyle, including a new meal plan that lets you forget about dinner for less than you’re probably paying for just the groceries!  Check back the first week in September for all the fun details!

And, of course, food.  With as hectic as things have been, from cooking to looking for a new apartment/house, to dealing with family, to just the general whirlwind of summer, UC and I needed a night together. A quiet night, with good food, good wine, and a bit of spoiling ourselves. Which, for me of course means cooking!

Above: We started with caprese salad.  The tomatoes are from our garden, as is the basil. Below: Rosemary Flounder en papillote. This is, obviously, pre-baking.

The final product:

Founder en papillote, caramelized potatoes, and fillet mignon on a bed of wilted kale. Surrounded by blistered pole beans, also from the garden, and drizzled with a reduction from the pan drippings. Far more relaxing and intimate than a restaurant!

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