Canning and Freezing

I realized that I didn’t have any photos of what I actually *do* when I preserve foods, so I am going to make a more concious effort to set up the tripod and get some shots of what actually goes on in Chef Shawn’s Kitchen. This means you’re all going to see me at my worst, since I don’t shower, do my hair, and put on makeup before I work in the kitchne. In fact, I am often a mess, especially when canning: my nastiest clothes, oldest aprons. my hair thrown haphazardly up into whatever I think will keep it out of my food and my face. This is what cooking looks like to me, the nitty gritty. It’s what I do, it’s what I love, it’s what I think everyone who possibly can do should be doing  (yes, I am opinionated and passionate, which is why most of my readers are here).

Above: filling sterilized jars with hot peach sauce. I lost my funnel, which I am hoping to find when we move (or before, actually, which would be better). Below:  Lowering the jars into the hotbath.

Below: the final product: peach sauce we can enjoy this winter. This is just the first batch (I am canning another batch tonight, in fact). I love home-canned peach sauce in the middle of winter, it’s a decadent treat that warms you through and through.

I’ll be posting more about preservation soon, including freezing basil, pickling beans and cucumbers, and a bunch of other stuff. I’ll even include some recipes! And, speaking of recipes, there isn’t one for peach sauce. You just pit the peaches, slice them into quarters, and toss them in a pot over some heat until they get mushy (yes, skins and all). WARNING: Peach pits are poisonous when cooked and eaten. Please make sure to pit your peaches! I use a stick blender to whip it all into a sauce, and voila! No sugar needed.


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