Best. Stroganoff. Ever

I don’t have any pictures of the stroganoff, as we couldn’t wait that long to dig in, but it was made with these:

We got about 5.5lbs of Chicken o’the Woods mushrooms last weekend, and when MJ mentioned she’d seen a recipe for Venison and Chicken Mushroom stroganoof, I think I actually started drooling. A short trip to the grocer and a few hours of thawing out last year’s venison (thanks again to my brother for the wonderful loins and steaks!) later, I was ready to whip something up.

I varied from the recipe a bit, and I also added some shitakes (we’re growing our own for next year!); but, I left in the brandy for the cream sauce.  It is a measure of how much I love UC and my friends that the sauce made it to the table at all. Served over whole wheat pasta and sided with spicy zucchini, it was an amazing dinner if I do say so myself. We’re doing this again very, very soon. And very, very often.


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