Where Do You Stand?

The USDA publishes average food costs each month. I’ve never posted these before, but a discussion came up on one of our boards. When looking at this, keep in mind it is for food only, not paper products, personal products, etc.

USDA Cost of Food

While we’re fairly frugal, we also eat really well. After deducting  personal products, etc. and averaging the costs for a month, we fall somewhere between thrifty and low-cost, depending on the week. I’ve been able to get us well under the “thrifty” at times, but it’s not a great way for us to try and eat. Thadd needs too many calories to make that reasonable for long (especially without a garden, which we didn’t have until this year due to apartment living), and we do try to eat healthy. Unfortunately, real produce costs a fortune!

So, where do you fit?


2 responses to “Where Do You Stand?

  • virginiatrailschristine

    That USDA chart was fascinating. We always fall between low-cost and thrifty according to these numbers, but I feel that we eat like royalty. I think it’s all in how you shop and plan menus.

  • shwankie

    I agree. Though, what I wouldn’t give to have the higher budgets for a week or two! Lobster and fresh fish all week! lol.

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