Meal Plan 4.27.09

I realized a while ago that I hadn’t done a meal plan here in some time. I’ve been so busy with other food-related goodies that it’s just escaped my mind, but we are still doing them for ourselves every week.  As usual, breakfasts, lunches, and snacks aren’t planned by the specific day, but rather as a list of items to select from. Dinners are planned for each night, and with this being really busy, we’ve got some quick ones.

Breakfasts: Steel cut oats in the crock pot. Fat-free Greek yogurt with low-fat granola and fruit. Homemade whole wheat toast. Eggs in various forms. Milk. Coffee. Matcha milk tea.

Lunches: Leftovers. Tuna salad sandwhiches on whole wheat bread. Fruit salad. Green salad.

Snacks: Various fruits. Nuts. Cheese. Yogurt. Salad.


Monday: BLTs on homemade wheat bread. I have Body Combat on Mondays, and UC has been really busy at night, as well. This was our concession to time, and we had to eat it on the go.

Tuesday: Asian Chicken & Veggie Kabobs with brown rice. I marinaded the chicken in a sesame-soy-garlic sauce, then skewered it along with zucchini, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms. We broiled it, as we have no grilling capability, and I reduced the marinade into a great sauce.

Wednesday: Pork spare ribs with whipped sweet potatoes, green beans, and geen and fruit salads. The ribs are from Double H farms, free-range and better than organic. I’ve had them going in the crock pot since this morning, and they’re literally falling off the bone. The whipped sweet potatoes will have a bit of milk, pepper, and a pinch of smoked black sea salt to compliment the barbeque sauce on the ribs. The green beans will be seared off with garlic, cracked pepper, and lemon juice. Fruit salad is served on the side (we’ve got a pile of this in our refrigerator this week), and a mixed greens salad will be served before dinner.

Thursday: Tacos with spanish rice & black beans. This was, again, a meal planned for time. As it turns out, the commitment we had on this evening has been moved. Fortunately, we still like tacos.  These are going to be chicken tacos, simply because we have a lot of chicken. ( I need to get some more beef from Pannill’s Gate next week so we can eat beef again!). Thadd will be having the hard taco version, but I’ll be keeping it a bit lower calorie with high-fiber tortillas instead of crunchy corn shells.

Friday: Out. Unfortunately, given our work schedules on this day, there’s no way to either cook at home or pack a cooler for Friday. We’ll likely eat at Revolutionary Soup in Charlottesville, which is healthy and relatively inexpensive.

Saturday: Pork piccata. We’re using up some pork from last fall that needs to come out of the freezer. This is one of UC’s favorite dishes. I cut the fat by not using cream in it, and up the fiber by putting in veggies and serving it over whole wheat pasta.


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