10 Minute Lunches

Above: Leftover tortilla soup, and veggie & tuna salad on whole wheat. I realize that this is cheating, in a way, as the soup is simply heated up leftovers; but, some days, that’s what we’ve got on hand on short notice. The tuna salad is as much vegetables as it is tuna, and includes carrots, onions, pickles, capers, and celery, topped with mixed greens and all thrown on a high-fiber bun. Below: Chicken & Vegetables on an egg white “tortilla.” We had leftover chicken fajita filling from one meal, and leftover veggies from another. I tossed a few egg whites and one yolk into a pan and made a very thin “tortilla” to hold it all and add some protein. Topped with lowfat, vegetarian refried beans, a few slices of avacado, and some lowfat sour cream. It was darn tasty.


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