Gardening & Tempeh: Two Totally Unrelated Things In One Post.

With the economy getting worse each day, Thadd and I’ve become more and more thankful we’ll be growing a lot of our own produce this year with MJ & Dave. Thadd just ducked the layoff bullet by the skin of his nose, for which we’re thankful; but, it still feels good to be more self-sufficient. We’re fairly frugal anyway, so this is a natural step for us.

Above: A muted view of our little darlings. Below:  They reach for the sun. We rearranged them the other day to keep them from being deformed.

In other news, I do still cook. I know I haven’t posted about it much in a while, and I am sorry. Things have been a bit whirlwind, what with my trip to MI, writing articles for the newpaper, and other weirdness.  But, some things have made it out of the kitchen, such as this:

This lemongrass & coconut braised tempeh recipe was passed along to us by MJ & Dave, and it’s become a fast favorite. Chock full of healthy vegetables, this vegetarian masterpeice is so filling it even satisfies Thadd! Tempeh is, honestly, a bit on the expensive side; but, used like meat (as a flavoring and filler, not as a huge slab on a plate), it’s reasonable to do dishes like this. If you’ve never tried tempeh, give it a shot. It’s not just for vegetarians.

To Come: Look for some 10 minute lunches in the next few days. I’ve got ’em, I just have to get some time to post them.


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