The seedlings we planted shortly before I left began sprouting a few days after my departure. UC kept me updated on their progress, of course, but it was wonderful to come home from a very long, very taxing trip back to MI to see green, growing things in our dining room:

As the plants grown, UC had to find a way to keep the plastic elevated. If nothing else, he is very creative:

Yes, beer bottles. The plastic will come off in a week or so, once everything is sprouted and growing nicely. A few weeks later we’ll start hardening them off for transplant outdoors in the garden.

Growing your own food is a great way to save money. These tomatoes and peppers will save us buckets of cash–the same product at the farmer’s market is $4-6/pound. We also have control of what is and is not put on them, so we can ingest far fewer chemicals than purchasing tomatoes or peppers from the store.


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