We’ve Finished the Nursery

This year, UC & I are co-gardening with our friends Dave and MJ. They have a large yard, and we all want a garden. With 4 of us providing labor (and compost…oh, the compost) and splitting costs, we can have a much more productive garden than if we tried to do it individually (or, in this case, as two separate couples). To that end, last night was the official kickoff of the growing season with what UC dubbed the “How Hippie Are We?!” party, which consisted of dinner, wine, and newspapper seedling pots.

Dave is a wonderful Landscape designer, and the most plant-savvy of us all; so, he did the seed research and ordering. He also came up with the idea for this fabulous little pots as an essentially free alternative to expensive peat pots. Not only are they cheap and easy, they’re also completely compostable. When we’re ready to plant the seedlings, we can just  stick the pot and all in the ground.

The seed pots came home with us today, and are now sitting in the makeshift nursery we set up in our dining area, which gets fantastic light.

They’re actually covered with a piece of plastic leftover from covering our windows this past year,  sort of their own little nursery/green house, which will help hold in moisture and heat during sprouting. There’s 6 kinds of heirloom tomatoes, red bell peppers, and two or three hot peppers in these early starter pots (including an African variety called “Fish peppers” and a variety that grows black peppers on black foliage). The rest of the garden is direct sow, which is for the best as we’re out of room for our darling little pots.

The gardening should really help reduce grocery bills for this year and through the winter since we’ll be putting much of it up via canning, drying, lacto-fermenting, and freezing. It’s getting done as organically and sustainably as possible, too.

Next weekend:  the boys get together and do some yard work while the girls are all busy out of town so the garden areas are ready for plants(yes, I do realize it’s a bad idea to leave them unsupervised, but we’ll put the fire department on alert). And so the rabbits can’t lie in wait to eat all the fruits of our labors. Stay tuned for an update on how that goes. There will likely be pictures, and I can’t imagine they won’t contain some kind of explosions and fire.


One response to “We’ve Finished the Nursery

  • virginialandscaping

    The pictures look great! O Star-Exponent, how sublime thou art, wrapped around spice jars and secured with tape…

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