The Real Work

As some of you may know, and others of you may not, we’re doing a co-garden this year with our friends Dave and MJ. Dave, of Revolutionary Gardens, ordered the seeds. He’s got a great blog about choosing seeds and the politics of gardening on his site, so give it a read.

They arrived today. I am giddy. No, really, I am giddy.

So, in addition to my upside-down tomato plants and a few spare herbs on the deck, UC & I will now be planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting from the co-garden. We’re planning to set up some starter trays in our windows, since we have a plethora of sun all day long.

We really enjoy supporting local farms, but we’ve wanted to be more self-sufficient for a while now. It should save us a good bit of money, especially as we plan on putting much of it by for winter. And, I miss playing in the dirt. Now, if we can just get them going on the plans for the outdoor oven…


2 responses to “The Real Work

  • virginialandscaping

    hey hey hey- the oven plans are coming!

    Seriously, we’re really stoked about this year. If nothing else, by you guys coming by more often my compost pet will get your kitchen scraps more frequently!

  • shwankie

    We really do need to get them there more often. Last time, it included the bucket and two additional containers. I think we need a bigger bucket. Oh, and I think I heard the compost pile purr…have you named it yet?

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