Foodie and Frugal, 1.19.09 to 1.21.09


What’s New & Upcoming at The Bean Burger Recipe I’d promised last week is now up in the left sidebar. Sorry for the delay. Also, later in the week you’ll get another 10 Minute Lunches update, and I am going to try to get a separate page started for those this week, too. Sometime either this week or next, I hope to post on my latest farm tours. Those of you on my mailing list will also receive another addition of my newsletter.

Foodie & Frugal:

I haven’t been keeping up on the Foodie and Frugal thing as much as I’d like, in part because they’re long posts and I’ve been busy. This will be an abbreviated version in some ways, but it’s the best I could do on limited time (farm visit today).

Large shopping trip today: $50.00

Meat shopping at farm today: $10.00 (approx)

Est. “fresh” trip for perishables next week: $20.00

Total Grocery budget: $80.00 total. $40.00 a week. Right on budget.

Week I (1.19.08 to 1.24.08  )

Monday. Indian Chicken with rice. This is a recipe adapted from this site, one of my current favorites. I love this woman’s site. The chicken recipe was a good base, but I wanted a bit more. So, I’ve added some different spices and tossed in a bunch of greens. We’re serving this over white rice, because I am NOT paying $3/bag for brown rice, which is all they had left today at the local store.  It’s on my list for when I head to my out-of-town store, where I get it for far, far less.

Tuesday. Hobo Casserole with lima beans & salad. We have some local potatoes in cold storage we need to use up before they go bad, so I’ll combine them with our local, grassfed beef, carrots, peas, red onions, and a bunch of spices in my cast-iron skillet and bake it all up. I’ll top it with unprocessed wheat germ (tasteless, but good for fiber). Served with organic salad from Costco and frozen baby lima beans. Yep, frozen. We’re eating a lot of frozen veggies right now, because our local produce selection is just *awful*.

Wednesday. Goulash. Pseudo-traditional goulash for movie night. Folks will bring sides, we’ll watch movies. Should be fun.

Thursday. Herb seared salmon with quinoa risotto and asparagus. Quinoa is a great, lower carb side dish. I’m doing it with Rembrandt Aged Gouda (you can get this at The Frenchman’s Cellar. Run. Now. This post will be here when you get back), black smoked sea salt, and mushrooms. The asparagus is from Aldi. They’ve got great prices on it. I realize it’s not local, nor is it organic. Sometimes, you gotta do what your budget will let you, and given the horrible selection of fresh, and the limited selection of organic frozen, this was a reasonable option.

Friday. Meatballs with whipped sweet potatoes and peas. UC will be doing the cooking for that night while I am delivering my Ready-to-Go Meals at the Frenchman’s Corner. Local beef, as usual.

Saturday. GAME NIGHT. We’re headed over to J & B’s with some other folks. The Guys will be playing Axis and Allies. The Ladies will be watching all 5 hours of BBC’s Pride & Prejuidice. And possibly swimming. Dinner is TBD, but will likely be pizza, I am thinking.

Week II (1.25.09 to 1.31.09)

Sunday. Lasagne with salad and garlic bread. This starts us off with lots of leftovers for UC’s lunch. I’ll be doing my healthy version, which uses no ricotta cheese. Instead, I blend lowfat cottage cheese with a bunch of spices (secret blend, sorry!) and some bread crumbs to use as filling. There will be whole wheat noodles, greens, mushrooms, local beef, and yummy sauce. Served with organic salad and garlic bread made from UC’s ciabatta (baked yesterday in a frenzy of flour and yeast…go check it out!).

Monday. Chickpea saag over rice. UC’s still working out the kinks in his favorite Indian recipe. This week’s version will be made with our home-canned beet greens and spinach.

Tuesday. Salmon Patties with roasted sweet potatoes & red onions and corn. My famous fish patties make a return on this week’s menu. They’re lowfat, full of protein and fatty acids, and tasty. I’ll roast off some red onions and sweet potatoes together, seasoned with Herbs de Provence, black smoked sea salt, and cracked pepper.

Wednesday. Pumpkin Soup, in the pumpkin. We’ve got a huge cheese wheel squash in storage that needs to be roasted. We’re doing this for Movie night, and using the pumpkin to make pumpkin soup, garnished with a choice of porcini mushroom oil or fig balsamic vinegar. We’ll also likely have ciabatta available. Folks, as usual, will bring sides to round out the meal.

Thursday. Peanut noodles with scallops, served with salad and asparagus. This is UC’s birthday, but we’re doing the bigger meal Friday night. Tonight is another of his favorites, but it’s a lot quicker to make since we have spin class.

Friday. Garlic & Sea Salt Roasted Pork Shoulder, with golden potatoes. UC will be cooking his own Birthday dinner, which is the way he wanted it. This is one of his favorite dishes, and also one of his specialties. It’s not terribly healthy for you, but it’s his Birthday, so who cares?

Saturday. Tortilla Soup. After the rich meals for the past two nights, we wanted to switch up to something lighter and easy to make. We love tortilla soup, made with homemade chicken broth, black beans, home canned tomatoes, and lots of other yummies. Topped with some tortilla chips, a pinch of cheddar, and a dab of guacamole.


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