10 Minute Lunches

Part of the wonder of meal planning is having healthful, tasty lunches in 10 minutes or less. Without “convenience” or “diet” foods. Most of these take about the same amount of time and effort as putting a crappy frozen meal in the microwave, and they’re far more flavorful with scads more nutrtion. So, I am starting a new feature here: 10 Minute or Less Lunches. If there’s interest, I’ll start a new page for it so folks can bring it up for ideas and inspirations.

10 Minute Lunches:

Above: Udon noodles & veggies with miso sauce (miso, mirin, soy, and rice vinegar) with loads of fresh veggies. Below: Black bean patties on homemade flatbread, with olives, tomato, and spicy yogurt sauce.

Below:  Zucchini & tomato omelette (1 egg, 1 egg white), with sides of buckwheat (YUMMY!) and strawberries.

Below: Miso soup with udon noodles, onions, and zucchini. When I am sick, as I am now, I crave miso soup. It’s my chicken soup, but better, and this version is made with my homemade chicken stock. Two for one healthy booster!

I’ll post more later this week. It is possible to have great, healthy lunches fast and not hit McDonalds. And, these are far, far cheaper!

Next week: Farm Photo Tours!


2 responses to “10 Minute Lunches

  • wolfshowl

    The black bean patties on flatbread look really good. Do you use veggieburger type patties or is this something else? Also, how do you make the spicy yogurt sauce? Thanks!


  • shwankie

    Thanks for the comment! I make my own, actually. They’re black beans and a bunch of other stuff tossed together the cooked on a dry skillet (there’s a trick to getting them perfect). Cheap, tasty, and far more nutritious than store-bought alternatives. Boca & Veggie burgers are too expensive, and IMHO taste like doodoo 😉 . My recipe is pennies a patty and bursting with awesome flavors.

    I was wondering what I’d post for my recipe of the week! I’ll post a recipe for these later this week in the sidebar, including the dead-simple yogurt sauce.

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