Ready To Go Meals, December 19th.

Fish orders must be placed by Wednesday at 2:00 PM. All other orders must be placed Thursday by Noon. Pickup is at The Frenchman’s Corner from 5-7 PM.

You can order by phoning the Frenchman’s Corner, or emailing me.

All Menus are seasonal, and may vary slightly if fresh ingredients are not available.

Salisbury Steak, served with mashed golden potatoes. 100% Grass-fed, Free-Range beef from Pannill’s Gate farm, red onion, mushrooms, and other vegetables are combined with special spices to create this flavorful new take on an old favorite. Served with golden mashed potatoes. The lean, grass fed beef in this dish provides extra B vitamins to elevate mood during this holiday season, as well as protein and fiber to help keep you full while you complete your shopping!

Herb and Lemon Tilapia with Roasted Pancetta & Brussel Sprout Creamy Barley. Fresh Tilapia from The Frenchman’s Corner is quick-seared with lemon zest and Urban Accent’s Fisherma’s Wharf spices mix. Served with brussel sprouts and pancetta roasted to bring out their deep, complex richness. Fish is an excellent source of lean protein. Brussel sprouts are high in Vitamin C to ward off those winter colds, and are also full of protein. When combined with barley, Brussel sprouts are a lean source of complete protein. This meal is perfect for those people wanting a hearty, filling meal without all the calories.

Polenta and Mushroom Stuffed Red Peppers, served with garlic risotto. Red peppers are stuffed with mushrooms and homemade polenta seasoned with basil, then roasted to enhance the sweet pepper taste. Served with creamy risotto made from The Frenchman’s Cellar’s Parmesan cheese and fresh garlic from Roundabout Farms. Red peppers are high in Vitamin C to keep you healthy this winter, and antioxidants to fight heart disease. Protein-rich mushrooms are also high in B vitamins to keep your spirits up during the hectic holiday season. Garlic is a cholesterol reducer.

Chicken Lasagne with wilted greens. A low-fat alternative to traditional lasagne. Chicken layered with low-fat cheese, spices, red sauce, and noodles to create a rich lasagne with fewer calories than traditional lasagne. Served with wilted seasonal greens with vinegar and oil. This low fat dish will sate all your cravings for comfort food without the guilt! Lean protein in chicken, calcium in cheese, and fiber and antioxidants in the greens give you a complete, healthy meal.


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