Ready-To-Go Meals for December 12th.

All Menus are seasonal, and may vary slightly if fresh ingredients are not available.

Quantities may be limited. Full descriptions submitted prior to public release of menus.

Fish orders are due by Wednesday at 2:00 PM. All other orders are due Thursday by 12:00 PM. Pick up is at The Frenchnan’s Corner from 5-7 PM on Friday evening.

Please select your first choice, and an alternate in the event your first choice is unavailable.

Beef: Not Your Mom’s Meatloaf and whipped sweet potatoes. 100% grass-fed & Free Range beef combined with black beans, onions, and secret spices make this zippy, flavorful meatloaf a new favorite. Served with whipped sweet potatoes. This meal is rich in protein and fiber, while being low in fat and cholesterol. Sweet potatoes are not only rich in proteins, but also in antioxidants that will keep your immune system healthy and your skin glowing this season. Grass fed beef is an excellent source of Omega fatty acids, which help fight off the Winter blues.

Fish: Asian Salmon served with Steamed Vegetables. Salmon baked to perfection with a caramelized orange sesame sauce, served with a side of fresh, steamed vegetables seasoned with a hint of soy and lime. Salmon in one of the best sources of Omega fatty acids! This meal is perfect for those watching their cholesterol and calories who still want a flavor-packed meal. Fresh steamed vegetables provide those much needed winter vitamins to keep you going through all of your holiday festivities.

Vegetarian: Black Bean & Cheddar Patties with Southwestern rice and Vegetables. Black beans mixed with spices, TVP, and onion are topped with Apple Wood Smoked, Paprika rubbed cheddar cheese, and served with flavorful Southwestern style vegetable brown rice. Note: This dish contains eggs & Cheese. Black beans are high in soluble fiber, and are perfect for those people watching their carbohydrate intake. This meal is low fat, and the soluble fiber makes it perfect for anyone with diabetes.

Chicken: Spicy Creole Chicken and Vegetable Pasta. Chicken marinaded in Urban Accents Creole spice mix, served over whole wheat pasta with squash, tomatoes, and broccoli in a light, zesty sauce. This meal is a wonderfully balanced meal bursting with flavor for the whole family. It’s the perfect balance of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber.

You can email me to place your order, or you can contact The Frenchman’s Corner. Entree’s are $12/each.


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