Melamine Recalls: Infant Formulas & Chocolate in US test positive.

So, I try very hard not to say “See, I TOLD you so.” But, I am going to say it. I am not paranoid, I am realistic. Thinking what happens around the rest of the world can’t happen here is a fantasy. It’s the reason we cook so much of our food from scratch, and get as much locally as we can.

Melamine has been found in samples of:
* Enfamil Lipil with Iron.
* Nestle Good Start with Iron tested positive for a melamine byproduct.
* Chocolate sold at Walgreens.

There’s a recall on the chocolate, but not on the formula. Because the FDA says there’s nothing to worry about. You know, all those sick and dead children in China were just overreacting. Clearly, these are just sample, it’s not like these samples came from huge batches of mass-produced formula, right? The FDA says that, while it “cannot identify any level of melamine as safe” for infants, it would be “overreacting” to stop feeding children formula if they’re dependent on it. Well, DUH.  I am pretty sure, however, that changing them over to a brand that doesn’t have melamine in it might be a wise step. That, of course, is just me.

Since they were not planning to ever release this information to the public, however, I suppose that reaction isn’t a surprise. It is sheer luck and the stalwart persistence of an AP reporter that anyone ever found this information. Makes you wonder what else they’re not telling you, doesn’t it? It should.

Initially, they didn’t even release the names of the formulas, and currently there is no release of the name of the chocolate manufacturer. Because I am sure that none of the *other* chocolates they make would contain the same toxic substance, right?

Currently, I am desperately trying to find a cat food that *isn’t* likely to have melamine in it (since they’re all pretty much produced in the same plants with the same base ingredients, including the “high end” ones I currently use, it’s not easy). Neither cat reacts well to raw food, but it’s looking like I am going to try it again. Is it any wonder why?

We buy our chocolates from The Frenchman’s Corner, our locally-owned gourmet shop that takes pride in it’s quality. Why? Because they’re great chocolates. Because while they are more expensive than Walgreen’s chocolate, they are worth the money. They’re the best chocolates I’ve ever had.  And they don’t contain melamine! Marc, the owner, is accountable. He cares about more than his bottom line, he cares about his clients.

People call me a hippy and a food snob. And, they’re right. And every time this kind of thing comes out, it does nothing but prove our food security in this country is abominable. There are a lot of reason to be a locavore (sorry, UC, I know you hate that word), from supporting local economics to wanting to eat unprocessed foods because they’ve got far more nutritional value. But, for those who just can’t get behind the “hippy” ideas there, consider that a vast portion of what goes into processed foods comes from places without any regulation. Like China, who exports all kinds of stuff–including foods like melamine-laced powdered milk–to us. Consider that if melamine can “slip by” the FDA on “accident,” what would happen if someone decided to do something on purpose. How many people would die before anyone had a chance to recall poisoned Twinkies or Hamburger Helper?

I am a hippy, because I believe we should try and be kind to our environment. I am a locavore because I believe small, local farmers produce healthier foods. I believe in raw milk, because it is NOT LACED WITH POISONS TOXIC TO OUR CHILDREN. I am a Chef who tries to teach people what they are eating, because honestly most people in the US simply don’t know. They are told that the government will take care of them, that their foods is safe. No matter how often it’s proven otherwise.


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