Thanksgiving Bounty

One of the dishes for my Ready-To-Go meals mentioned in the post below is Roasted Cranberries. I saw this recipe in Saveur magazine courtesy of Peg at The Frenchman’s, who pointed it out to me when I was in one day. It sounded great, and so it went on the menu. I changed up the recipe a bit, but it’s generally the same one you’ll find here, just sans the jalepeno (the folks who ordered the meals are not ones for a lot of heat).

Also, please excuse the crappy pics. Still using the webcam, but the other camera (I am told) is on it’s way!

Above: Cranberries mixed with fresh orange peels, sugar, and spices, then put on a parchment-covered baking sheet to go into the oven. Below: The finished product, post Port addition and refrigeration time.

The verdict: This recipe is a definite winner. It’s got a wide range of complex flavors that both remind you of childhood, and remind you that you’ve grown up. It’s tart, tangy, sweet, and will hit you in those little ticklish spots right at the back of your mouth. It’s great, and I definitely plan on making it again.

If all goes well, I may try to post some of my Fig and Chestnut stuffing pictures tomorrow. We’ll see if I have time. If not, have a wonderful holiday!


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