Thanksgiving Meals and Side Dishes From Renaissance Cuisine

In honor of Thanksgiving, Renaissance Cuisine, in partnership with The Frenchman’s Corner, is offering a special menu to help you celebrate.

All orders must be placed by 3:00 p.m. on November 22nd. Order may be picked up at The Frenchman’s Corner on Wednesday, November 25th, between 3:00 and 5:00 PM. Orders can be placed at The Frenchman’s Corner, or by email Chef Shawn at: Chef at shwankie dot net.

A Thanksgiving Feast

Price: $25.00/person.

Roasted turkey breast with Shawn’s cornbread fig-and-chestnut dressing, roasted cranberries, curried sweet potatoes, and garlic green beans.

Thanksgiving Side Dishes for Your Dinner

$15, serves 4.

Cornbread Fig & Chestnut Dressing.

Homemade cornbread is mixed with hand-roasted chestnuts, white wine, orange and lemon zest, homemade vegetable stock, butter, dried figs and cranberries, and a secret blend of spices. This is Shawn’s most requested holiday dish, and hands down her most overall requested recipe.

Curried sweet potatoes

Creamy sweet potatoes are whipped with a light blend of curry, Garham Masala, cinnamon, nutmeg, and local honey, then baked with a homemade granola crust..

Apple and onion hash

Red and green apples are cooked in cider with rosemary, garlic, and pepper with red and yellow onions to make this deep, richly flavored side dish.

Please note that quantities are limited.

(sorry for the weird formatting. My word processing program doesn’t get along well with MT’s formatting)

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