Greenies & Frenchmen

The Winter Preview at The Frenchman’s Corner went well, and I owe folks a recipe for my Strawberry Garlic Chili sauce to put over lime & salsa marinaded chicken. That should go up tomorrow afternoon, so swing back by if you’re waiting for it. There’s a lot of interest in the ready-to-go meals, and I am actually a bit worried that the Thanksgiving side dish orders may get away from me! If you are in the area and didn’t get an invite to this special event, just stop in and say hello to the staff at the store and ask to be put on their mailing list. You’ll get an invite for the next event.

I’m meeting more and more Green Folks in the area, from foodies to environmentalists. Some of those Green Folk are becoming good friends, like Dave over at Revolutionary Gardens, and his wife M. I’ve been following his blog, and his progress on his compost bins. Admittedly, there’s a bit of a personal interest, since we’re saving our compost for them (recycling and composting has cut down on our trash so much it’s a bit mortifying how much we use when we can’t recylce & compost). And since M has said Dave can build a bread oven when the compost bins are finished, UC is watching just as avidly. Someday, the two of them are going to get together over pizza and beer and finish the bins off (hint, hint). Until then, though, Dave is offering plans and kits to make your own compost bins. Check them out!

This week’s meal plan is dead simple, and we’re doing a “Pantry Challenge.” I’ll post more on that tomorrow, too. See, all kinds of reasons to swing back to the blog and waste some time at work!

Until then, Eat well. Play hard.


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