Everything. All At Once.

I realize this is later than I usually post, but courtesy of Comcast, we’ve been without steady Internet service for several days. Apparently, this was “scheduled” maintainence, but they neglected to tell anyone about it. Obviously, I’ve insisted on a credit for those days.

Where to start? Since I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off at meetings, mixers, preparing for the Halloween Party, winterizing the apartment, and heaven’s knows what else, I’m just going to write as it occurs to me. Hopefully, you’re feeling generous and can forgive the lack of chronology or coherence.

Chamber of Commerce Mixer at The Frenchman’s Corner. This was a great networking opportunity, and Marc and Jeff outdid themselves sponsoring the event. I made enough good contacts that I am seriously looking at joining the Chamber, something I was pretty hesitant about initially. CoCs tend to be expensive and fairly pointless for my type of business in many areas. They just aren’t designed to promote what I do, and since I can really only hand 3 or so clients at a time, the fees aren’t usually worth the limited leads. In this case, however, I think the Chamber has a lot to offer. It’ll help me promote my cooking classes and ready-to-go meals, even if it doesn’t get me any PC leads (which it may or may not). Thanks to everyone there for answering my questions, and listening to me gush about food!

Pannill’s Gate Farm. Early Friday morning, I drove out to my favorite grass-fed beef producer to pick up meat for the ready-to-go meals. What started out as a pick-and-dash trip ended up being a bit over an hour of wonderful conversation with Patty, Scott, and their children (the kids didn’t have school that day). We got to talk about farming, food, other things I am forgetting right now, and Scott showed me his winter pastures and talked about over all operations. I love this farm, and I love Patty & Scott’s philosophies on farming and food. Their flavorful beef is pretty darn good, too.

I also got to see Goggle the Wayward Calf. Apparently, Goggle’s mom never really bonded with him (Patty said Goggle was born on a windy, rainy night and it’s likely the cow just didn’t catch his scent), and they’ve been bottle feeding him ever since. Fortunately, they were moving him later that day to a great 4-H home they’d found for him. As Patty said, hand-feeding a calf means that some day you’re going to have a full-grown cow trying to come onto your porch for dinner. On the way out, I was waylaid a bit by Click (I hope I got that right), one of the cows that occasionally wanders freely over the farm when it manages to avoid being herded inside on of the pasture fences.  She wasn’t interested in moving, and when she did it was in the wrong direction. Eventually we got it figured out, but she clearly wasn’t happy about it.

Roundabout Farm. Wednesday I headed out to Roundabout to grab some cold-storage produce. Megan and I chatted a bit while we sorted through squash, beets, and potatoes. Some ridiculous amount of produce later, I hauled everything back to the house and tossed it into our backroom, which we’ve made into cold storage. More on that later.

Last day of the Market. It was the last day of the markets, and we headed to C-ville to pick up some things we’d ordered. The Nelkes had slaughtered some hens, and we were lucky enough to get some to bring home. They’ll be headed for the stock pot. I also picked up my kombucha starter, which I fed on Saturday. This coming Saturday, I’ll have kombucha to drink! We picked up some other things, as well, but these were the major items. It rained, so a lot of producers weren’t there. We’ll miss the market, but it gives us something to look forward to next year.

Ready-To-Go-Meals from The Frenchman’s Corner. My meals officially started two weeks ago, and it’s going really well. Three entrees each week so far, and we’re hoping to add chicken soon. This week I am not expecting may orders given my pickup is the same day as Halloween, but that does leave me more time to get ready for the party.  We’re also looking at doing Thanksgiving meals for one or two people, with a pickup on Wednesday. If you want on the mailing list, just email me and I’ll give you the information!

Writing for AC. I am now officially a contributing writer at Associated Content. You can see my RSS Feed button at the top of the page in the next column. I’ve been paid for every article thus far, which makes me very happy. Many of the articles are on food, food production, food politics, and health. Feel free to click over to any of the articles–the more you click, the more I get paid. Yes, shameless promotion. It’s my blog, so I figure I can do that.

Canning. MJ & Dave spent the day canning tomatoes with us on Sunday, and we put up another bushel. Thus far, UC and I have something loike 26 quarts of tomatoes (diced and stewed), 7 quarts aubergine (pickled eggplant), 4 pints pickled green tomatoes, 4 pints hot-packed green tomato slices, 8 quarts fermented beet tops, and some tomato sauce. We still have apples to do.

There has been some other stuff, not food or PC related, as well: birthday parties, election stuff, and the like. But, that’s for another blog.

This Week in Frugal is not happening this week. We’re throwing a Halloween party, so meals are essentially a couple of soups and some frozen leftovers. Thank goodness for the chest freezer!


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