Frugal Weekly 10.20.08, Still No Camera

I know, you miss my food pics. So do I. Unfortunately, Things have had to come before New Gadgets, and so still no camera.  You’ll just have to sift through the archives for your fix.

This past weekend, some friends got together with us at our place and canned 3/4 of a bushel of tomatoes, yeilding 24 quarts. Next Sunday, we’ll finish off the remaining 2 bushels (they weren’t ripe yet this week to can), and that should be enough tomatoes for a good, long while. Thank goodness for their pressure cooker! In the meantime, I’ll be canning pickled eggplant and green tomatoes, and giving some jalepenos to M & D (hey, can you guys email me–my email program seems to have lost your addresses) for their pickling pleasure. I’ll also be heading to Roundabout Farms to pick up our cold-storage goods, and I’m really excited to get beets with the dirt still clinging. I do hope I can borrow a camera for the day, so I can post some pics here.

This week in food and cooking, our menu:

Sunday: Herb-seared pork chops, served with balsamic-roasted butternut squash and peppered peas & green beans. This is one of my favorite ways to do butternut squash because it turns out so creamy and rich.

Monday: Tofu & chickpea saag over brown rice. This is one of my DH’s obsessions right now. He’s chosen a few dishes he’d like to get good at making, and since he loves saag this is on the list. Expect to see this on my meal plans a lot for while. Fortunately, it’s tasty. And, cheap, nutritious, and filling.

Tuesday: Roasted chicken with mixed veggies & biscuits. I’ll be brining the chicken overnight tonight, and popping it in the oven tomorrow before I head to weight training. DH will be home to watch it and hopefully making the biscuits, and we can eat after I get home and shower.

Wednesday: Salmon patties with winter squash and apple-onion hash. I serve my salmon patties with dill yogurt sauce, and the winter squash will be steamed. The apple-onion hash is pretty peppery, which compliments everything nicely.

Thursday: Crock-pot chuck steak with potatoes & carrots. My grass-fed farmer feels the latest animal has too strong a flavor, so gave me a chuck steak to try out for critiquing. Since this is one of my very heavy training days, and since both DH and I train together at 6:45 p.m., this is a great night for us to crockpot. I’ll treat it like a potroast.

Friday: Creamy roasted root veggies soup with salad and homemade ciabatta. I cooked up turnips & sweet potaotes as a side dish to my black bean burgers on Saturday. I’ll be using the leftovers, along with some beets, carrots, and mushrooms to make a creamy, rich soup.

Saturday: Friend Alex’s birthday party (Happy Birthday, hon!), so dinner at her mom’s.


Porridge (wheat berry & rye), home made “egg mcmuffins,” fermented oats & wheat flakes.

I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet, but according to my pricebook, we should be in undre $100 for the two of us this week. We’re trying, yet again, to up UC’s calorie intake. I never believed stuffing 4,000 calories into someone would 1) be necessary or 2) be this difficult. Since he can’t really have it in simple carbs and sugars, that leaves proteins and complex carbs. Grass fed beef and veggies just doesn’t have the kind of calorie count. His stomach isnt’ big enough to hold as much food as it would take to stop him losing weight with a healthy diet and nothing else. So, back to the Uber-Smoothies twice a day.

Uber Smoothies (600-700 calories each)

-2/3 c. yogurt of your choice

-2 scoops whey protein

-1 raw egg

-1/2 cup milk

-1 banana

-Additions (endless combinations): peanut butter (organic, of course), almond butter, vanilla, honey,  malt, instant coffee, other fruits, oatmeal, almond extract, fruit juices, nutella, and the kitchen sink)

Put into blender, or put into very large glass and use stick blender. Whip until frothy. Stick in freezer for a while if desired (about 15 minutes). Drink.

Obviously, at 5′ and 110 lbs, I can’t go anywhere near this stuff. Just breathing the air around it while I blend it probably adds more calories than I work off in my hardest training sessions. UC, however, can down two, and just about break even on his calories for the day. Maybe. What I wouldn’t do for his metabolism (though, I have no desire to be 6’6″ tall).

Look for another “Consumer Education” blog next week. I am still waffling on the topic, largely because I have too much to say and not enough focus or time to do it in. So, if you’ve got requests, let me know.

In the meantime, eat well.


3 responses to “Frugal Weekly 10.20.08, Still No Camera

  • Kiki

    That looks like a really great menu. Too many people think that being frugal means living off of Ramen or chicken fingers but you’re one of the people proving that’s just not the case. You can eat really well for not a lot of money.

    There are a lot of good meal ideas here– I’ve never made salmon patties but have a recipe so I’ll probably try that this week!

  • shwankie

    Thanks! It’s amazing how many people think we spend a fortune on our meals, when in reality we usually spend less than most Americans and eat better. Truthfully, we could cut the budget more, and we may need to at some point; but, for now, we still do pretty good.

    I love salmon patties. If you’ve got an Aldi near you, you can often get wild-caught canned salmon for under $2.00/can. We add things (breadcrumbs, onions, jalepenos, sometimes TVP…depends on what I’m in the mood to toss in the bowl), and usually get enough for the two of us–even with UC being the ridiculous eater that he is–from 1 can. Let me know how your recipe turns out!

  • branden

    Interesting Read! Very detailed blog.
    Thanks for sharing

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