Weekly Frugal 10.13.08

I am sorry for the delay in posting. There’s been some behind-the-scenes things going on here, some good, some not so much.

For the bad, I’ll just say family issues that required me to drive to MI last week. They’re resolved for the moment, but did bring up some new questions that will need to be answered soon. I don’t mean to be cryptic, I am just too tired to talk about it much. But, I am back now, after 1400+ miles of driving, and I can’t express how happy I am to be home. I missed VA. It has truly become my home, and coming back to it–especially now, when it’s hills and valleys are shining with colors breathtaking to behold–was a weight off my shoulders.

Now for the good. First, it looks like I may have a camera again by next week. Yay! No more dreary, food-pornless pages! Second, and somewhat more exciting, is that the ready-to-go meals for The Frenchman’s Corner start this Friday. Orders are due by tomorrow, so if you want more info, just email me.

And, onto the week in cooking frugal. I suppose no week is ever normal, but this one will be starting a day late since I wasn’t here. UC worked overtime last weekend, which also meant no regular market stop. He did go to a closer market, so there is still local stuff on the menu; but, the selection just isn’t as wide.


Monday: B-b-q chicken breast, roasted beets, and whipped cauliflower. DH put this together as a welcome home dinner, and it was fabulous. The beets (roasted and tossed with salt and balsamic vinegar) and cauliflower (whipped with a bit of Cotswold cheese) were local, but the chicken was not (long story, but it involves him having an irrational fear of the chest freezer).

Tuesday: Bison London Broil, spaghetti squash, and fried green tomatoes. There was a farm tour weekend before last, and we picked up some bison.  Since it’s a bit pricey and DH needs far more than at each sitting than the average adult male, this will probably be more of a treat for us than a regular thing, but we wanted to try it. Mostly, I got to decide if I’d like to offer it for my clients and upcoming ready-to-eat meals for the gourmet store. The squash was from the market, and the green tomatoes are from the Grandparent’s garden for free. I got a whole half bushel, and will be pickling most of them this weekend.

Wednesday. Ground beef and heart Indian-spiced chili with roasted cornbread muffins. Heart is really nutritious and inexpensive, so we’re giving it a try in my most-requested dish next to my stroganoff. The beef and heart are both from our local farm, grass-fed, so nice and low-fat. The beans are dried, the tomatoes from the bushel I got for canning, the onions from our local onions stash, and the stock will be stuff I made and froze a while back. I’ll make the corn muffins from scratch with fresh leftover corn from UC’s dinner this weekend. It’s a hearty meal that costs so very little, and feeds us leftovers for days (well, usually. Once in a while UC eats the entire pot in a sitting or two.).

Thursday. BLTs. This is a busy night for us, as we both go to the “oh my god I am going to die and I am not sure my legs work anymore and I burned like 800 calories in an hour” spin class in the evening. We love Dave, our instructor, and make it a point to go even though it’s at a really inconvenient time. So, we always do quick meals on Thursdays. And likght ones, so we don’t vomit in class (which is embarrasing, and also pretty much kills the workout). Bread will be UC’s anadama, with some of the last tomatoes of the season sliced on top of organic greens and nothing-special-about-it bacon. We need to buy some more local bacon this week.

Friday. Cabbage soup. UC and I grew up on this stuff, and we love it. We have a head of cabbage to use that won’t store well in our cold storage area, so this will be served with more anadama for a hearty meal. And, it can be made in the crock pot; so, it’ll be cooking while I am 🙂 This day will be the first day of my ready-to-go meals, and DH is going to be my assistant (hey, he was looking for a second job anyway….); so, we need a meal that cooks itself.

Saturday. Black bean burgers with whatever we pick up from the market in terms of veggies. Probably more beets, which are yummy with some sea salt and a splash of balsamic vinegar.


Lacto-fermented oats. Rye & wheat berry porridge. Eggs with canadian bacon on anadama toast. Sliced tomatoes and eggs on toasted ciabatta.


Leftovers. We plan our meals pretty specifically so we have leftovers for us both.


Fruit. Cheese. Nuts. Smoothies. PB&J sandwiches.GORP. Raw veggies (carrots, radishes, celery, tomatoes). Roasted garbanzo beans. Baba Ganoush dip. Pickles. Yogurt w/granola.

This is a pretty frugal week. I’ll need to run to the store and get bacon, fruit, and possibly a few other things; but, we should come in at or under budget.

Later this week (probably Sunday?) we’ll be canning tomatoes (stewed & juiced, I think), I believe in concert with Dave and Mindy. UC and I will also be picking green tomatoes to can, hopefully pickling some cabbage in our crocks (as well as putting some wrapped heads into cold storage), roasting & shucking more chestnuts, and roasting & canning eggplant (in paste form–think baba ganoush). Next week, apples!


One response to “Weekly Frugal 10.13.08

  • Tina

    An irrational fear of the chest freezer? Is he afraid you’ll push him in when he pisses you off? Or that he’ll fall in and get trapped? He’s so tall I don’t think he’d fit, even if it was completely empty, much less if it has food in it!;-)

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