Weekly Frugal

This week is a bit odd in terms of frugal groceries. The market was rained out on Satuday, so we went to Miller’s Farm Market, a “stationary” market. The variety isn’t, of course, as good; but, we do love their products.

We spent $65 there on grociers, including organic whole milk and yogurts. We also picked up some fresh shitakes! The grocery store bill was $37.15. So, we’re under budget.

This week’s menus are also a bit odd because we are incredibly busy. Here goes:


-Tonight. Roasted turkey, served with acorn squash, mashed potatoes, and edamame. This is an unuasual dinner for us in that it has starch in it, but we needed to use up some potatoes before they went bad. They’re local and have stored great, but it’s been warm and muggy (and we don’t have the cold storage set up in the apartment yet). To save heating the place up, and to be just generally better on energy, the roast is being done in the spare room in the roaster. The acorn squash will get cut into quarters and tossed in about an hour before the bird is done. UC will make the potatoes, and the edamame will be boiled & seasoned with smoked salt and butter. I realize it’s not a very inventive meal, but it’s tasty and will provide serious leftovers. After dinner, the meat will be stripped, and the carcass set to simmer, along with some sweated onion and spices, on our Kitchen Day this week.

Tuesday. Leftovers for UC. I’m out for the evening.

-Wednesday. Spicy apricot-marinated chicken, roasted with peaches, green peppers, and onions. I froze the chicken in a red-pepper and apricot marinade (meal-sized portions) several weeks ago when apricots were in. I’ll bake it on a bed of fresh, local, heirloom-varity apricots, green peppers, and onions and serve over rice.

-Thursday. Heirlom tomato gazpacho & veggie quiche. Served with homemade ciabatta, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping. We bought a good amount of tomatoes especially for this soup, which I am patterning after a soup we had at Revolutionary Soup a few weeks ago (hi MJ & Dave!).  I think I’ve got the recipe I want, and if it goes well I’ll post it here. And, I might make up a huge batch to freeze! The quiche will be with the farm fresh eggs, leftover veggies, and some cheese in one of UC’s whole wheat crusts. Thank goodness one of us can bake!

-Friday. Turkey Pot Pie. You had to know this was coming. We’ll use part of the leftover meat to make the pot pie, along with some fun veggies: edamame, roasted corn, onion, cauliflower, edamame. The rest of the meat will be frozen for future use in soup with the stock.


-Wheat berry and pearl barley porridge. I made this last night in crock pot, and woke up to a lovely, homey smell this morning. 2 cups each wheat berry and pearl barey, 4 cups apple juice, 4 cups water. Cook on low. You can add dried fruit, as well, but UC prefers his added in the morning with milk, molasses or honey, and butter.

-Oatmeal wheat pancakes with scrambled eggs. UC made this new pancake recipe for Sunday’s breakfast, and we have two left. The eggs and a cup of yogurt should round it out nicely.

-Eggs and toast. Farm fresh eggs and homemade toast. Breakfast of champions.


Peaches, fruit-and-yogurt parfaits, granola, chips & salsa, pretzels, cheese, smoothies.

The actual money spent on food we’ll eat this week was closer to $70, with the rest going for stock up items. The turkey and chicken were both already in the freezer, and we had everything but the apple juice for the porridge.

How’re you eating well and staying frugal this week?


6 responses to “Weekly Frugal

  • iasmindecordoba

    So far the hard item for me to get rid of is watermelon. My frugal is coming from the pickling of the rinds this week of the two we got. We’re fast approaching critical mass in the freezer this year from all the stuff we’ve put away plus the last of last year’s venison still there (plus the portion of the quartered beef we still have). There’s a point fast coming where the only thing we’ll buy at the market for the rest of the year is milk and eggs. If I get some free time this weekend I may put up some more canned goods if there’s anything ripe enough at the market. Some more fruits and tomatoes would round out what we have nicely. Total spent this past week on food? A little under 15$, though it was a major stock up day for non-food products, like toilet paper, shampoo, and salt (how can I keep running out of this?). Oh and nuts. I don’t have a local source of nuts yet.

  • shwankie

    Thanks for sharing your frugalness. Nice job on the frugal! $15 is fantastic! I am so jealous of your pickled rinds, btw. We’ve only bought one watermelon this year, and wanted to use your pickle recipe. Unfortunately, we’re so short on space we’re not sure where we’d put the jars.

    We’re at the same place with the freezer–it’s full. We froze goat whey tonight, and have the opportunity to get more as we wish. I’d love to put some more up for soups, breads, etc.; but, there’s just no where for it to go. We’ve no more room to put more of anything up, so we’re looking at creating some more space in the backroom for canning shelves and winter cold storage. We’ll see how that goes. I really want to put up some heirloom peach pie filling and sauce, as well as apple sauce.

    Nuts are a hard one locally. Flours and grains, too (at least here). Have you checked greenpeople.org or localharvest.org? I am guessing there’s not a lot of nuts growing in MI, but it’s worth a shot.

  • iasmindecordoba

    Actually I haven’t tried those links yet but I will. Thanks for them. Local flours and grains, well….Royal Oak Farmer’s Market for the win! I found a local producer of just about everything I use and they sell at the market. Beans, peas, legumes, and grains, and some pre-ground flours if you don’t grind them yourself. They’re also my egg source. I am very very lucky and I know it.

  • justfoodnow

    Love the way you give us your menu’s for a week. I have been doing those for my daughter since she left home – am just going to like her to your site now!

    What a true pleasure it is to learn this tonight.

    Thanks, thank you, danke, grazie, gracias


    PS I am soooooo thrilled to discover this! Now all I need to know is – where on this site are the recipes?? I need to supply those as well and cant find the links to them?

  • shwankie

    You’re welcome for the menus! I hope she finds them useful.

    I don’t post most many recipes. I rarely use recipes. I get a lot of requests for them, but it’s not the way that I cook. Of those I do use, the majority are proprietary to myself or other Personal Chefs (other Personal Chefs and I share recipes through a software called “Master Chef,” and those recipes cannot be legally reprinted) or proprietary to cookbooks such as the Earthbound Farms cookbook. I don’t re-post cookbook recipes without the author’s permission, because I want the author to be able to make a living, as well. And, of course, it’s often illegal. And, of course, since unique and inventive recipes are the primary way I make my living, it would be financially unwise for me to give them all away here 🙂

    My cooking classes focus on intuitive cooking, teaching the skills of how to blend flavors and ingredients, change quantities, and make substitutions, as opposed to reading recipes.

    There are some recipes on my site, but they’re not indexed on separate pages. They’ll reside within posts. You should be able to search my site for them using the search function. Enjoy!

  • shwankie

    P.S. Incidentally, I am horrible at actually following recipes, which is why I don’t (and can’t) bake. You’re cakes look SO delicious; my versions would be….less delicious looking. Alas, that is why I have UC. He can bake 🙂

    Actually, I can often get cakes and muffins to turn out okay. Not great, but decently edible. Unless they’re complicated, and then we’re back to lumps of brick with chocolate icing. Anything requiring kneading is right out. I’ve always been bad at chemistry (I have dyscalculia, so while I get the concept, the math eludes me entirely).

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