Stuffed Pasta and Amazing Salad

First, it looks like a camera may happen in the relatively near future, so keep checking. I miss pictures, but thanks for all of you who are sticking with me through the Food Porn dry spell!

Last night’s dinner was spectacular: Jumbo pasta shells stuffed with ricotta, spices, heirloom tomatoes, and garlic, topped with a vodka sauce and chicken-of-the-woods mushrooms. We had planned to use UC’s homemade sauce, but he forgot and put all of in the freezer earlier in the day. Thank goodness for TJ’s Organic! Served with a salad of mixed local, organic greens, fresh & unpasteurized chevre, and bacon-wrapped figs, and a side of fresh, homemade ciabatta. The figs were the first of the season here, and the season is so short we pretty much gorge on them for these few short weeks. In good news, it was also a very inexpensive meal that gave us plenty of leftovers for lunch today.

The dinner was simple, beautiful, and scrumptious. I am pretty sure that if I can get a camera before figs go out of season, I’m going to make this whole meal again just for the sake of having pictures.


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