Still Without A Camera, But Life’s a Picture Anyway

And, I am also on crutches. Since UC is out of state at his brother’s wedding (we elected to split up weddings, so at least one of us could attend each of the weddings we wanted to), I am on my own and hobbling.

So, I took today to do piddly stuff. You know, that cooking stuff that just never quite seems to get done? I’ve had beef bones and other beef-related items in the freezer for a while now, and as it’s gorgeous and I have the house open today, I made beef stock. Tonight, I’ll do some chicken stock. I’m considering reducing both down to a thicker consistency for storage and cooking purposes. I seeded, chopped, and froze hot peppers for later use. Loaded the dishwasher. Cleaned and cooked the last batch of chanetrelles we collected (small batch), then vacuum packed and froze them for later use. Watered my tomatoes and fed them (organic). There’s probably more, but without photos, who cares, right?

I have an interesting offer from the local gourmet shop that I am definitely taking. The owner, one of my admittedly favorite people, has asked if I’d like to sell meals through his store. In other words, each week there would be a selection of meals from which people could pre-order. Probably 3 a week to start with: fish, beef, and chicken. I’d make the meals, vacuum pack them, and have them at the store for delivery on a certain day. The meals will be my style: fresh fish, local beef, and local produce whenever possible.

I am really excited by this, and am just working out the details on paper right now. I am thinking the meals will come in 4-person portions, but my big decision is whether or not to include side dishes. Thoughts welcome.

It also looks like I’ll be doing some cooking classes, which I’ll need to develop in the very near future, and my “How to Make Mozzarella” class. I’ll post the costs and details here when they’re ironed out. If you want to be included on the mailing list from the store, let me know and I’ll pass that along to them.

The restaurant thing is still on, and right now we’re in “hold” mode while the location is secured. I’ll keep you up to date.

And now, back to eating m fabulous lunch: veggie rice rolls (cucumber, tomato, carrots, chanetrelles) with almond & peanut sauce.


2 responses to “Still Without A Camera, But Life’s a Picture Anyway

  • Otis

    The meals thing sounds pretty interesting. I found out there’s a place in Livonia doing something kind of similar now but not really the same. They don’t actually make the meal, you do, but they provide the materials, recipes and preparation space.

    From what I understand of how it works they think the reason families don’t sit down to home-cooked meals is no one wants to shop, take it home, prepare it, and then cook it. Their service is to have you come in once a week or month, prepare the meals there, and then they’re packaged for you to take home and just toss in the oven or the skillet.

    Their service? So not worth it IMNSHO.

  • shwankie

    I’ve spied on these operations because someone mentioned they might be competition for my PC business. They’re so not. My service is comparably priced and far more convenient. I don’t care for their products, and their pricing doesn’t include side dishes. IMHO, if you can make time to go there and pick it all up, and you’ve still got to go to the grocery store to get side dishes, *and* you’ve still got to cook it all…why bother? It’d be a lot cheaper and not any more difficult to just get everything at the store.

    Also, having tasted some of their products, I have to say..meh. It’s very commercial, food-service quality food.

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