Some Oldies But Goodies

My camera is on the fritz, and I’ve been on vacation; so, not a lot has gotten done. Missed the market this week because of nasty weather, but that actually works out well because my Other Half will be gone for most of the week anyway (he’s attending his brother’s wedding, which I am missing because I’ve already been gone for far too long).

So, today you get some favorites that never got posted here for various reasons. Enjoy!

Above: Squash blossoms, floating in ice water to make them easier to stuff. Below: Stuffed, and ready to be battered and fried.

Above: Finished blossoms, stuffed with 3 cheeses (chevre, cream cheese, and cheddar), green onions, spices, and I forget what else. Yummy! Below: Bentos! These were done before I got my bazillion bento-making items, and several bento boxes. I think they were pretty good for first attempts with no proper tools! Jenny got me an amazing bento box & Octo cutter as a bridesmaid’s gift, and I can’t wait to get some pics of it!

That’s it for now. Check back soon, and see if my camera is back online!


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