Fresh, Fresh, Fresh

It’s been a while since I’ve posted dinner pictures, in large part because I’ve been gone a lot these last few weeks. This isn’t the most artistic of my photos, but it’s worth posting for the flavors anyway:

I prefer to roast fish in parchment, but I was out, and foil works almost as well. Underneath all the toppings is a nice slab of salmon; but, what you see here are fresh-harvested mushrooms from our hike earlier in the day, onion, bay leaf, white wine, butter, and lemon. This technique for cooking fish is pretty much fool-proof. The fish turns out moist and flavorful every single time.

This is the complete dinner: the fish dish from above, served with beer-battered eggplant and fingerling gold & baby blue potatoes, both from a local farm. I roasted the potatoes with Herbs de Provence and smoked sea salt, and the earthy scents blended with the mushroom-tomato fish as well as the tastes did. It was fantastic!


One response to “Fresh, Fresh, Fresh

  • justfoodnow

    Outstanding idea. I thought you had been away for a while, but had the wrong details – its 03h17 here in SA and I cant sleep. Guess what I’m doing?

    I’ve just had an op so I am a bit immobile right now, but I will certainly try it once I am more mobile.

    Am having a super time on your blog though. Thanks for it.

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