This Week in Foodie Frugal Goodness

This week’s post will be shorter, and so not behind a cut. Also, I haven’t finished dividing up our Farmer’s market bill from my clients, so no cost breakdown.

On the Menu:

This week’s menu:

Dinners (almost everything is organic and/or natural & local). Scraps are used for stock.

Monday: Crock pot pork chops & blue potatoes, served with garlic green beans and salad. We had the pork chops left over from a value pack a while ago, and the rest is from the market.

Tuesday: Sautee’d heirloom cabbage & fried tofu, served over lemon scented saffron rice with raisins. This is cooking right now, and smells SO good. We found a commune that produces it’s own tofu, and because it is produced differently than commercial tofu, I am thinking I may be able to have it without it affecting my meds. Also, it’s only $2/lb, and it’s fantastic.

Wednesday: Grilled cheese sandwhiches and tomato soup. It’s supposed to be hot on Wednesday, so we wanted to keep the kitchen cool.

Thursday:  Mixed bean & Virginia ham soup (crock pot) with salad and homemade whole grain bread. We’re trying to do more crock pot meals. Dried beans are cheap and an excellent source of protein, and the ham hocks at a local butcher will run me about $2 for enough to make an entire pot of soup.

Friday: Baked chicken with tin-foil baked beets and salad. We got whole chickens, and this one I may piece to cook. The beets will caramelize beautifully in the foil with some Herbs de Provence.

Saturday: Burritos (grass fed beef makes the *best* burritos..yummy!) with brown rice and homemade refried (lowfat) black beans. Still loving the beef from my new farmer at Pannahill. This is a great, stretchy use of the beef, and we’ll add TVP to up the protein content and stretch the beef even further.

Sunday: London broil wraps, in low-carb whole tortillas with all the fixin’s (lettuce, tomatoes, etc). We buy large London Broils on sale or from my farmer (when she has them), then slice them thin and freeze them in 1lb. baggies for wraps, stir fry, etc.

I am leaving off lunches, snacks, etc. this time because it’s a bit hectic here right now. Maybe I’ll get to it later this week.


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