Vegetarian Curry

Last week, I decided it had been a while and I missed Indian food (we don’t have any near here). The result was a HUGE batch of my Indian Wet curry,vegetarian, over cardamom-scented rice. This was, and I am patting myself on the back here, probably the best batch I ever whipped up. It was also the largest, feeding 4 hearty eaters at one meal, and UC and me for several additional meals. Oh, and I froze some, too. I can’t even remember all the ingredients, but it was rich, warm, and vibrant.

UC has begun chastising me again that I need to write this stuff down.

Siding the curry is spiced whitefish with spicy radish. A great compliment to the curry, with the fish’s creaminess and spice and the radish’s peppery heat and sweet finish.


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