Glorious Cheese

Yesterday, I went on a cheese tour with the owner of The Frenchman’s Cellar. I am taking over the running of their cheese counter (part time, it’ll be a secondary business to my Personal Cheffing), and we wanted to go talk with our supplier. We also wanted to see some other cheese-related businesses, and sample some things we hope to bring into our shop.

I came home with these:

The white ball wrapped in leaves is burratta, a mozzarella cheese I’ve wanted to sample for literally years. I cut into it today, and it’s beautifully soft. The yellow, somewhat cake-textured wedge next to that is baked lemon ricotta. Technically, this isn’t a cheese–it’s a cheese with Stuff (the stuff being eggs, lemon, and a couple other items). Frankly, who cares?! It’s amazing. We topped it with some macerated strawberries and ate it like cheesecake. I’m going to push for this as a summer item, mostly because I want to be able to buy it all myself. The red-waxed wedge in the back is Red Dragon, a domestic cheese made with vegetable rennet and studded with spicy mustard seeds. It’s a sharp, bold taste that both UC and I immediately decided is going to become a staple in the house. Forget the mustard, just slice some of this onto your sandwich.

The weird and wonderful part about all of this is that I got paid to do this. Really, is there a better life?

There’ll be some changes in the store soon: we’re doing some new things with the cheese counter itself, and putting up some more in-depth signage. Come in and visit, and taste some cheese.


4 responses to “Glorious Cheese

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  • justfoodnow

    What a glorious article!! I love cheese – it is my favourite thing! I love a good unpasteurised Vacherin Mont d’or about all cheeses, followed firmly by the Italian hard cheeses. I had quiche made with rocchetta and a good caprino over Christmas (in Switzerland) and it is amazing. Wish I lived near you so we could taste it together! I have a feeling I am quite far away, though – and there are not too many people so passionate about cheese.

    Great blog = keep it going!

  • shwankie

    I prefer almost all cheeses made with unpasteurized milk, which is how I make mine 🙂 That quiche sounds fantastic!! I’ll have to work up a recipe for that, thank you for the inspiration.

    I adore cheese, too, and you’re right–there’s not many people with our passion. I’m in Virginia..sounds like perhaps you are not in the US?

  • justfoodnow

    Shwankie – I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I could always let you know when I try something new, though – and swop recipes and ideas and ask questions – hehehe. Especially, ask questions. The more I learn about food, the more I realise I don’t know.

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