New Service

A new menu option has been added to my Personal Chef services:

“Simply Singles” Service

This service caters to people who only need dinner, or dinner and lunch, for one person weekly. It is a simpler menu, still tasty and healthful, for working people who only need service for one person. It will start at $250/week including groceries, and will offer the same expertise and freshness all of my clients receive. As with all my services, special needs such as diabetes, gluten intolerance, and calorie-friendly meals are available.

Sample menu items:

-Grilled Asian salmon with edamame and wasabe whipped cauliflower

-Personal red onion and tomato quiche, served with side salad and twice-baked sweet potato.

-Red lentil faux falafel served with cucumber sauce, pita bread, and white bean hummus.

I am really excited about this new service, and think it will open the door for many people to toss away their frozen meals and return to tasty, fresh foods for dinner.  As always, additional services such as Personal Grocer and On-the-Go Sommelier are available with this service.


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