Frugal Food and Health

We are really working on the frugal-and-healthy thing. You can do both, to some degree, but the simple truth is that produce is expensive if you can’t have your own garden. Right now, we can’t. I am doing some potted stuff this summer, but the reality is that it will be a fun thing, not a food thing. We’re fortunate in that we can eat well without needing to scrimp, but we do like to keep the food budget under control.

Right now, we’re using mostly frozen veggies, for example. Mostly because the produce in this town is just awful, and we can get organic frozen for the same price or less at Safeway and TJs as conventional veggies. Unfortunately, fruit is an all-around problem. I dislike the sugar of canned fruits, even those done in juice. It’s also harder  for me to just munch on canned fruits at work or on the go. *sigh*

UC;s caloric needs are far, far greater than mine given the 1.5 foot height difference, exacerbated by the fact that he works construction and I sit in a chair most of the day. Yes, I do go to the gym, but no amount of gym time can compete with 9.5 hours a day of heavy labor. So, we make middling calorie-dense foods most of the time, and I just eat less. That’s not a problem all the time, but tonight’s gonna be tough…

Dinners this week (all homemade):

Sunday: Salt & garlic pork roast, mashed potatoes, spaghetti squash. (least healthy meal of the week by far, I know).

Monday: Chicken pot pie. Cinnamon rolls for dessert. (This is NOT my fault. UC finally just couldn’t contain the baking urge. We’re each having one, and the rest are being given away as gifts. Really.).

Tuesday: Lentil patties w/homemade applesauce and asparagus.

Wednesday: Cajun-baked chicken breasts, whipped sweet potatoes, mixed veggies

Thursday: Pizza bread on homemade ciabatta, using homemade sauce. (Tues and Thurs are either meals I don’t cook, or they have to be really quick and easy to make because I don’t get home from spin class until almost 8. On Thursdays, UC goes to class, too).

Friday: Salisbury steak w/cheesey brown rice and veggie TBD

In a few months, I am pretty sure I’ll have access to Real Milk again. Wa-hoo! That means better fingernails and hair, but more importantly that means cheese.

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