Two ‘fer

So, I’ve been lax in posting. Since I’ve been so lax, today you get…

Above (top to bottom, right to left): PB&J. Pears w/blueberries & strawberry. Egg dyed blue, bib spinach leaves, carrots, cheese start. Cottage cheese w/greens & cheese star. Gingerbread cookie, gummy bears.

Top to bottom:  Furikake cone (for rice below), grapes, red-dyed peanut taro balls (they did end up looking obscene, sorry), and teddy bear cookies. Chicken stir-fry. Seasoned rice, soy sauce in bottle.

I am, obviously, experimenting with the food coloring thing. Eggs work really well with blue or green. Yellow not so much, and red is kinda creepy. Which is what I am finding about almost anything I try to dye red, though it worked well on omelet.


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