New Garnishes for the Wee Bento

As I said in my last post, my new bento box is very tiny. It’s a snack bento, really, and even my dividers (muffin cups, etc.) are too large for it. This is leaving me with some interesting chances to get creative with garnishes. So, here’s my last two bentos, and my carrot-nori butterflies.

Last Thursday’s bento. Once again, sorry for the crappy photos. Someday, I’ll get real lighting. Anway, from left to right:  Omelet wraps, died in layers with red food coloring and stuffed with tomato and avocado. Yogurt with blueberries and strawberry fan. PB&J on wheat, cut into bells with hearts in the middle. Unfortunately, even using these small cookie cutters, I had to squish on of my bells to get it in 😦 Bottom/lid compartment: cereal to top my yogurt, and fun stars to dip.

Friday’s bento, from left to right: Boiled egg, dried cranberries, and a Neuhaus chocolate. Rice-and-red-bean-paste thingy, blueberries w/strawberry fan. Cottage cheese with nori-carrot butterflies! See the close-up below.

While I do want a bigger bento, this one is great because it’s really pushing my creativity. No bento tomorrow, but more later this week. I also hope to update my By The Bottle page sometime this week with some wonderful new recommendations.


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