New Bento

So, I finally got a new bento box. It’s very wee, though. Cute, but not enough for a full lunch. While a friend of mine scours San Fran for a larger one (and other accrutements), I am enjoying the challenge of this one. And, I’m already attached to it as my first bento box.

Above: the box.  Below: the contents (please excuse the crappy pictures. Our lighting here kinda sucks at night). Upper tier: cottage cheese w/green bean & cheese flowers, with cranberries.  Middle: Dried figs, Grand-Marnier filled Neuhaus chocolates, red-bean-paste rice “onigiri” thing. Bottom: Sliced egg and almonds. I had to add the side container to get a real lunch, and in that is lemon-chicken (leftovers) on top of greens with mandarin oranges. I love my new bento!

Pre-bento box arrival, I did another bento in my makeshift box. This is gladware, with a lid trimmed to fit inside to form the “tiers.” Inconvenient is an understatement, but it’s what you do when you just can’t find something more appropriate, right?

Bottom “tier” (above): spring salad w/spaghetti squash & radish mushrooms, whipped sweet potatoes w/cheese angels. Top “tier” (below): Snow peas & carrots topped with spicy cheddar cheese bells, pretzels & crackers, chocolate marshmallow, jello, chicken, and almonds.

For those who want to see the rest of my pre-actual-bento-box bentos, you can go to my flickr account.


3 responses to “New Bento

  • iasmindecordoba

    I’m half wondering if I should continue making bento while I’m looking for my next contract. It seems to help me with portion control quite a bit and I’m more likely to use up leftovers for both me and the big guy when I do it. Love the radishes and the angles just make me giggle and smile. 🙂

  • tinainara

    Yay for your first real bento box!:-) Your meals look scrumptious! Did you get your cookies yet? I sent them on Monday.

  • shwankie

    Thanks! We did get them late last week, and thank you. They’re yummy! I was going to give you a call either tomorrow or Tuesday (and still plan to do so), to say thanks and chat. We were gone this weekend, which is another blog entirely 🙂

    Cya soon!

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