Cold Weather Comfort

Cooler weather is (finally) here, and it’s time to roll out those hearty breakfasts. UC has a pretty physical job, so stick-to-your ribs is important in the mornings. To that end, we’re making porridges, including fermented oats.

This is something I learned at a Weston A. Price nutrition seminar, and it’s ruined me for plain oats. It sounds absolutely awful–UC was on the verge of not being willing to eat it when I told him I was making it–but it tastes divine. And, it’s ridiculously simple: for every cup of oatmeal (whole, rolled oats), you mix in a tablespoon of active-culture yogurt and a cup of warm (not hot) water. I also add a handful of flax seeds and/or meal. Mix, let stand in a warm place overnight. Heat by adding milk or water to a consistency you like, and warm for 5 minutes over medium-low heat. It’ll be creamy and smell wonderful. It’s even more creamy and wonderful if you leave it out a second day before refrigerating it to keep. I serve with raisins, fruit of choice (I LOVE this with any kind of berry), a bit of honey or brown sugar, and a pat of butter.

UC is converted. He doesn’t eat any other kind of oatmeal if he can avoid it.


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