Too Busy Cooking

And hiking, working, and heaven’s knows what else. Sorry I’ve been absent.

Unfortunately, not much in the way of food porn, though I’ll put what I have up below with some explanations. The camera is just never handy when I need it, ya know?

In other news, the political food scene around here has been heating up, what with the arrest of my butcher and the big push for new laws regarding milk and meat. This weekend, UC andI will–in theory–be heading to Polyface Farms to chat with like-minded folks, and listen (and hopefully talk with) local and state legislators. I say “in theory” because although we registered several weeks ago, we never got a confirmation on reservations, and so now are calling a bit frantically to make sure we can get in before driving the four hours round trip. Cross your fingers for us.

And, now onto pics:

This is fresh salmon, broiled with some spice and served over zesty lemon-and-veggie bowtie pasta. I wish I could remember what, exactly, I threw into this because it was spectacular. Unfortunately, it’s been long enough that I’ve forgotten. I need to get better about writing this stuff down.

A bubbly, cheesy quiche. This one sits in a whole wheat crust made by UC, and has farm fresh everything: unpasteurized goat cheese, heirloom tomatoes (two varieties), peppers, farm sausage, some greens…possibly the kitchen sink, and definitely some cheddar cheese and spices.

Poached pears and plums, done in wine and apple juice spiked with cardamom, star anise, real cinnamon, whole cloves, vanilla paste, and grains of paradise.  The fruit was removed and chilled while the syrup was reduced to a lovely, thick, carmel-y goodness. The syrup was also then chilled, and then I used it all to top french vanilla ice cream.


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