Simple Lemon Tuna

I’ve been very, very sick for about the last 5 days, so little cooking has gotten done. I’ve been unable to eat pretty much anything, including dry toast. Two days ago, having had 30 calories in about 3 days, I decided to see if I could tempt myself with something. This is the result, which was excellent; but, it didn’t stay down. I got about 3 bites, which I lost later.

The food itself, however, was definitely worth saving here, at least.

Seared tuna steak (I prefer mine rare), brushed with pear wine, butter, and pepper.  Served with lemon-butter fettucine with grape tomatoes, and grilled yellow summer squash with dill.

I am definitely going to make this light, easy recipe again sometime when I can eat it. For now, I will just be happy to keep down some fluids.


2 responses to “Simple Lemon Tuna

  • iasmindecordoba

    Gorgeous, as always. Very amusing how the colors on the photo as it appears on my screen make it look day-glo pink. I know you didn’t picture it, and may not have even made one due to your tummy, but for some reason I picture a spinach side salad too….*drool* ok hungry now. I should go eat breakfast.

  • shwankie

    Okay, Iasmin, I have *no* idea why your comment isn’t appearing here. I can see on my management page it’s here… I’ll work on that.

    Thanks for the comment! Great foodie minds, it appears, think alike 🙂 My plan was that if this meal at all stayed down, the remaining cold tuna (I knew there was more than I would eat) would be put over a spinach-and-red-onion salad w/cherve and mango dressing the next day or lunch. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen 😦

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