Congratulations Channon!

This is cross-posted from my other blog, but I wanted to post it here, as well:

A heartfelt Congratulations to my friend, Laurel, mentor, and the owner of the Personal Chef company I work through. Chef Channon has made it to the Finals of Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Challenge. She’ll be filming in Hollywood on August 29th, and I’ll keep you updated on when the show is to air.

“My recipe is ‘Gingerbread Cake with French Brandy Sauce and Whipped Orange Flower Cream’ based on my work with historical food and my approach to using fresh spices and unique ingredients. This recipe has been served numerous times and has always won rave reviews, it’s truly been a labor of love,” says Channon.

Channon has been a huge influence on my cooking philosophies, techniques, and skills. She is one of the most genuine, kind people I know, and her love of healthful, flavorful cooking has always inspired me.

We’ll all be watching, and wishing her the best of luck.

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